After scheduling an appointment, Dr. Cianelli will thoroughly review all pertinent medical records from your regular veterinarian and discuss with you the major concerns you would like to address with alternative therapy.  You will find that Dr. Cianelli is knowledgeable, takes pride in her work, and she enjoys caring for your pet as well as personally connecting with you. Our reception and treatment room is quaint and set up for optimal calming effect for your pet. Essential oils are diffused in the room while gentle music, a trickling fountain, and lighting help provide a comfortable ambiance.  During the initial consultation Dr. Cianelli will be performing a comprehensive physical examination.  She will discuss with you the diagnosis and treatment plan.  She will make sure you and your pet are comfortable prior to starting any treatment.  Questions are encouraged at any time.  Acupuncture treatments can begin during the initial appointment or at a future date as requested.  Dr. Cianelli will also give recommendations for diet changes, supplements, herbals, or essential oils.  Reiki healing may be offered during and/or after treatments.


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