Non-Sedation-Dental-Cleanings-New-Hampshire-2We offer non-sedation dental cleanings, a holistic alternative to traditional anesthesia-based treatments for cleaning teeth. It is recommended for the same reasons we see a dental hygienist: to prevent dental disease. The practitioner, Peigi Chace, is a specialist in this technique, with over fifteen years experience.

How is it done?  Using gentle reassurance and special animal-handling techniques, she hand scales the teeth using the same instruments used for human dental hygiene. She then polishes them using dentifrice and fine pumice. More detailed information about the technique is available on

It is thorough and effective for cases of mild to moderate buildup, or as a yearly preventative for those pets that will not tolerate daily home dental care (i.e. teeth brushing). We occasionally recommend it as an ameliorative treatment for those with more advanced dental buildup, for pets that cannot be given the general anesthesia typically used for dental cleanings. Since no sedation is used, we of course cannot perform tooth extractions or advanced dental procedures.