New Patient Consultation: New patient appointments allow Dr. Cianelli to get to know your pet from a holistic perspective, using Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). This includes a comprehensive physical examination, review of all pertinent medical history, and a detailed treatment plan. Dr. Cianelli will answer any questions and perform various holistic modalities for treatment. Nutritional counseling and Food Therapy recommendations (diet, supplements, etc.) will also be provided. Chinese herbal therapies will be discussed as well.  Acupuncture treatment can be administered during this appointment for an additional cost.

Cost: $130

Follow Up Appointment: This is a continuation of therapy depending on your pet’s response and condition. Treatments may include traditional acupuncture, herbals, aquapuncture (with Vitamin B12 or saline), electro-acupuncture, moxibustion, essential oil therapy, Reiki, massage, or acupressure.

Cost: $110   (Additional $20 For Extended Care)

Holistic Wellness Appointment: This type of appointment includes thorough physical examination, review of any previous medical history, and discussion of recommended supplements and diets for preventative care and optimal health.

Cost: $70

Non-Sedation Dental Cleanings:  Dr. Cianelli must examine a patient prior to dental cleanings to determine if this type of procedure is appropriate for that patient.  Specialist Peigi Chase will then perform the cleaning under direct supervision of Dr. Cianelli. Using gentle reassurance and special animal-handling techniques, she hand scales the teeth using the same instruments used for human dental hygiene. She then polishes them using dentifrice and fine pumice.

Cost: $160