acupuncture-patchesAcupuncture patch therapy is an alternative to traditional needle acupuncture. It is a gentle but effective way to stimulate acupuncture points. It is completely painless and dose not require any shaving of the fur for patch placement.  A LifeWave® patch (AcuLife®, IceWave®, Y-age Aeon®, etc) is a polymer plastic membrane containing nano sized organic crystals of certain amino acids, certain sugars, water and oxygen. The mixture is then charged either with a positive (the white patch) or negative (the tan patch) frequency through Nanotechnology. They are 100% drug free and NON-TRANSDERMAL. The phototherapy patches amplify and balance healthy frequencies in the body without putting any chemicals into the body. That means nothing goes into the skin. They work almost immediately (within seconds to minutes) to decrease inflammation, eliminate pain, and increase energy.

How Do They Work?
The mixture inside the patch holds the charge much like a AA battery does until it is ready for use. The patches utilize infrared frequencies of light to communicate with the body’s own infrared frequencies (much like phototherapy). When placed the body, they stimulate acupuncture points which increase the flow of energy along the meridians to decrease inflammation and pain. They have a gentle hypoallergenic adhesive to keep the patch in place for 3-5 days. They will fall off or can be removed and discarded at that time.

What Do They Treat?
Muscle and joint pain of any type, visceral pain, referred pain, and nerve pain. Basically any type of pain or inflammatory condition.

How Do I Know if Patch Therapy is Best for My Pet?
Dr. Cianelli will assess your pet to determine the best modality for treatment (needles, laser, or patches).