Holistic Animal Wellness, Dr. Vindhya Cianelli PLLC is privately owned holistic veterinary clinic located in New Boston, New Hampshire. Holistic veterinarian Dr. Vindhya Cianelli works with your schedule to provide veterinary care to your beloved pets in a very peaceful home-like setting.

Dr. Cianelli has success treating many types of common ailments and diseases by promoting your pet's natural ability to heal itself. These include arthritis, disk diseases, general pain, allergies, skin problems, paralysis, kidney and heart disease, GI disorders, urinary problems, cancer, behavioral problems, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and more. In most cases your pets quality of life can be greatly improved even in cases where conventional medicine and surgery have failed.

What Is Holistic Veterinary Medicine?

Holistic-Veterinarian-Animal-Acupuncture-Dr-Vindhya-CianelliHolistic veterinary medicine takes into account all aspects of the pet’s life. This includes an understanding of the physical well-being, diet, environment, emotional stresses, and social behavior. Holistic medicine is gentle, minimally-invasive, and aims to treat the root cause of the imbalances and not just the symptoms. Dr. Cianelli promotes the overall health and well-being of the patient by understanding the individual needs that allow for self healing. Quality of life is very important for a holistic veterinarian and with proper holistic treatment animals can live longer and healthier lives.

Holistic treatments and recommendations are based on a comprehensive physical examination and history of your pet. Dr. Cianelli is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and uses Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine to promote whole body balance and well-being. She offers Acupuncture, Herbal Therapies, Food Therapy, Essential Oil Therapy, Tui-na (medical massage), Aromatherapy, Reiki, tPEMF Therapy, and Medicinal Mushroom Therapy. She also offers Non-Sedation Dental Cleaning for patients who qualify after examination.

Thank you so much for coming out and treating Ace! I went down to check on him after you left and he was laying on his side…just how he used to on the couch with us!! I haven’t seen him do that in four days! It’s a great change to see that he’s more comfortable already!! Thank you again, beyond words, thank you!!

Jenn Owner of Ace

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